Vendor Setup Help

This is the Vendor Setup Help Page.

Member/Vendor Setup Help

Priority One: Connect to Stripe for payments to your bank.

We want you to feel confident about getting your funds quickly with full security.  That’s why we’ve employed Stripe Connect to ensure that a third party who specializes in these types of payments is securing your sensitive account information (we never see it) and is expediting payments directly to your bank account in real time.  You don’t have to trouble with the fidgety fussiness of becoming a credit card merchant – we’ve already attended to that for you.  Your Stripe Connection is simply a 1-way funnel into your bank account.

Connect to Stripe
Click the blue button to connect to Stripe.

That said, it’s important to note that you must take care in answering the questions Stripe asks you.  Stripe’s anti-fraud detectors are constantly on alert and giving a fast, easy answer that might be wrong could delay your Stripe approval and embroil you in an email/telephone struggle to get your Stripe account approved.  Yes, Strip is just that careful because it’s your money.  So survey the questions to be asked and gather the correct information in advance – then complete the questions Stripe asks.  You’ll be avoiding frustration and delays if you do that.

To navigate to your Stripe COnnect, click ‘Settings’ in the top black dashboard menu, then click the ‘Payments’ tab below the black menu.

Credit Card Processing Fees

Anyone who accepts VISA, Mastercard and all the other cards pay credit card processing fees.  We pass those fees along to you.  Generally, they run under 4% of your sales, so you might wish to change your pricing on each item to accommodate your card processing fees.

Local Taxes

We do not price your local taxes, if any, into your sales.  If your activities are taxable, you need to remit to tax authorities yourself, and perhaps change your pricing accordingly.  For instance, if your locality charges a 9% tax and you wish to raise a $100 tree price by the correct amount, you would multiply $100 times 1.09 which would give you a new price of $109 ($100 x 1.09 = $109).  The same type of calculation applies if you wish to calculate for credit card processing fees above.

Your Store Appearance and Info for Your Customers

You can furnish your buying public information about your organization and your sales operations by filling in the ‘Store Description’ and ‘Store Notice’ in your Vendor Pro Dashboard setup.  The Store Notice appears in the green area shown in the image below, and appears on every page of your store.  The Store Description appears in two places on the opening page shown in the blue areas in the image below.  On ALL pages in your store, the Store Description appears on top of the store image at the top.

Store Description and Store Notice
Store Description and Store Notice

In the same page where you edit Store Description and Store Notice, you also have an edit area called ‘Seller Info’ – you can use this area for internal notes available to store managers who use your Pro Dashboard control panel – this does not appear publicly.

To navigate to these Items, just click Settings on the top black Pro Dashboard menu.

If you change the main store image, you should use an image that is about 785 pixels wide by 300 pixels high.

Custom graphics and logos are not supported at this time.